Our customers are amazed at how easy our estimating process is. Most have a background in using spreadsheets, but by switching to Best Estimate Pro, they breathe new life into their estimating and their business.

Typical Estimating Times:

  • Custom Two Story House               1 hour
  • 1,600 Sq Ft Retail Store Front        4 hours
  • Professional Looking Estimates    Every Time

Less Work. Greater Payoff.

Our software will give your estimates a professional edge and help increase your chances of getting client work. Best of all it doesn’t take any extra work.

Check out the features:

Best Estimate Pro was built from the ground up with electricians in mind.

To create an estimate, select from our list of over 13,000 sections, assemblies, and parts. Or create your own.

When you are finished with takeoff, click “Reports” then “Estimate PDF”. Save the PDF. Print or email it to a client.

Your logo and business information on the top left and project information on the right.

Simply click blue boxes to edit a title or quantity.

Click to highlight a section or assembly (orange left border). Then click the desired assembly or part template.

The selected part or assembly is automatically added to the highlighted element on the takeoff and all totals are updated.

Change the price or labor on any part on the estimate. Changes here will change the part everywhere it exists on the takeoff.

Section Templates

Section Options

Assembly Templates

Assembly Options

Part Templates

Part Options

Save a section as a custom template to use on later estimates, create a new assembly, or remove this section.

Save this assembly as a custom template to use on late estimates or remove this assembly.

Save changes made to this part or remove it from this assembly.

Control your material markup, labor markup, and material tax.

“Add Employee to Job”, click to edit employee name, rate, and the percentage of time the individual will be on the job. Click the ‘x’ to remove an employee. Labor Cost is automatically updated.


Click to export estimate values as a PDF. Your estimate, labor report, and parts reports are a click away.

Estimate PDF

Labor Report PDF

Part Report PDF

Our best sales pitch is our product.

When you get your hands on it, we know you will love it. Only pay when you love it.