Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about Best Estimate Pro? Find answers to some frequently asked questions here.

How long is the free trial?

The free trial allows you to try our product for 30 days. Seeing is believing. The best way to really know if Best Estimate Pro is a good fit for your business is to get your hands in there and try it out. The first 30 days off all subscription options is FREE. Not happy? Unsubscribe before your first 30 days is up and you will not be charged.

What If I don't like the product?

Your feedback is invaluable. If you have questions, complaints, compliments, or ideas for how we can improve Best Estimate Pro, please do not hesitate to send us a quick email. Best Estimate Pro doesn’t exist without our customers. We understand that we cannot please everyone. Simply login to your account, call or email to cancel at anytime.

Is my information secure?

Security is our number one priority. When you are ready to set up billing, log in, head to the BLLING tab, select a plan, and fill out the checkout form. All sensitive information is encrypted and transmitted over a secure connection (SSL – you should see the green lock to the left of the url at the top of the screen) to servers that are housed in a security controlled building. The layers of security can make actions taken on the BILLING page slow at times — Please bear with us. Slow is better than insecure.

How do I save an estimate?

As long as you have an internet connection, your estimate saves automatically 30 seconds after you make a change. You can also click the “Save Estimate” button at any time to save your changes.

Will it work on my computer or tablet?

Best Estimate Pro is a cloud-based web application. It works on most newer computers with an internet connection, a modern browser, and a recommended 2+ MB of memory.

What browser should I use?

We find that Best Estimate Pro performs best when using the Google Chrome browser on a desktop or laptop computer. Most current browsers will work just fine. However, because we use current technology that older browsers may not support, we recommend downloading or updating to the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Both are totally free.

Does Best Estimate Pro require any plugins or other software?

To get the most out of Best Estimate Pro, you will need a modern and updated internet browser with cookies and JavaScript turned on (they are both usually on by default). Also, PDF exports open in a new window. This means that if you have a popup blocker, it must be disabled for bestestimatepro.com in order to get the PDF exports. If a popup blocker is triggered, it will show a notification in the top address bar in the browser. Click the notification and “allow for this site”.

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