Free Demo

It's easy to find out if Best Estimate Pro is the estimating software for you. Download the software and see for yourself.

Step 1 - Install Windows Client

Download Download and install the Windows client software.

Requirements: A Windows PC with an internet connection. The database is hosted online so you always need an internet connection to run the software.

Step 2 - Open the demo company

Log in to the program using a username and password of "demo". This will bring you into the preconfigured demo company. You can do anything you would like in the company. We recreate it each night so don't worry about messing anything up.

Step 3 - Create Some Estimates

Now it's time to create your own estimates and see how it works for you. The demo company is recreated nightly. So don't expect your estimates to be there the next day.

Step 4 - Install Android™ App(Optional)

If you are interested in viewing your estimates on your Android™ phone, then click on the image to the right. It will bring you into the Android™ market where you can install the Best Estimate Pro app.



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